Back online


I’ve got the new server built. There are still a LOT of problems:

– I’ve changed mailer from Netscape to Balsa, so I have to get comfortable with it. I’ve also lost 1 month of e-mail. Balsa only supports filtering via procmail, so I need to learn that, too.

– RH 7.1 / Linux 2.4 have completely changed the way IP forwarding / masquerading works. Lots of learning to do.

– there doesn’t appear to be an /etc/ppp/ip-up.local script any more for enabling fetchmail, sendmail, news etc.. So I need to do that by hand for the moment.

On the plus side, I now have GNOME CVS access, so I should be able to handle Anjuta patches more rapidly.

I’d like to solve some of the Solaris problems that people are reporting. My new job should bring me into contact with Solaris, but I’m not sure how much…

Hopefully I’m now back to making useful contributions to these projects.