Anjuta progress

I’ve posted to the Anjuta development list, looking to get a number of the outstanding bugs assigned to friendly volunteers. 24 open bugs is really quite a few.

Started looking into a couple of them. I’ve struck up a conversation with one bug reporter about the preferences not working – weird, since it all works fine on my system.

Additionally, I’ve joined and posted to the Scintilla mailing list appealing for help with some of the “Scintilla” bug reports.

Submitted my first CVS commit the other day, and that seemed to go fine. I’m sure there will be more to come.

The Balsa team need to sort out their product. The documentation build fails on RH7.1, so I’ve posted the resolution to the mailing list. The current build, 1.2pre3, ALWAYS reports an error when checking the mail – big problem. There are quite a few problems, really. I downloaded Evolution the other day, and if it was not such an effort to move my mail across to that (after migrating to Balsa from Netscape) I would probably do it straight away :-/ oh yeah, and Evolution doesn’t seem to cope with importing GnomeCard addresses, either…

I though about getting more involved looking at the Solaris port of Anjuta. Unfortunately I don’t currently have any access to Solaris equipment – perhaps I should approach Sun 8-D

Last day at work this week. Then I just need to move house, and start the new job… guess I will be busy!