Wow – a long time since I have posted an update….

What has been happening? Well, I’ve moved (and lost half my network in the process – the RISC OS, HP-UX and Windows boxes remain about 45 miles away); changed jobs (much better company :-); and spent a lot of money!

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been collating changes and fixes to Anjuta since 0.1.7 – things are progressing well, and there are a lot of new translations. The target is for a 0.1.8 release within the next week, work-permitting. Not sure where things will go after that… looks like the GNOME devtools merge is coming, so I may be unemployed again :-/

Still no new gftp release – and no response to the patches I’ve submitted. Nothing worse than an unresponsive open source author!

Looks like it may be time to find some new projects… :-/