End-of-year summary

Well, it’s been a while…

Stuff I’ve been doing lately

– had my gftp patch accepted, finally (it’s in 2.0.10)

– playing with ample, the MP3 server. Sent some patches, had some fun…

– writing Apache modules to learn the API

– motivating some people to get gCVS up and working again – it wasn’t even compiling in its previous state. I hoped it would be developed further, but all has gone quiet again 🙁

– releasing Anjuta 0.1.8 at last, and started some heavy work on 0.1.9. The new project wizard is excellent… I’ve also been through the bugs and features lists to try to trim them down.

SF mailing lists are down. I’ve reported it as a high-severity problem since it is basically crippling communications on Anjuta.

I really cannot believe how far Anjuta has come in the past 6 months. It’s great to see it evolving like this, it gives a real sense of achievement which I hope the other developers share.

I’ve started to look at the new Quake2 source release. I’d like to get it fixed up for Linux with nVidia / OpenGL…. bit worried that the QuakeForge people will get their hands on it, then spend 2 years making a mess which doesn’t work in simple configurations (as with Q1…).

On my current TODO list are some documentation work for Anjuta, and RedHat-enabling ample. I’m about to head down to the family for the holiday, so I’ll load it all up onto my laptop and work on it from there (although, since the modem isn’t supported, doesn’t look like I’ll be online to do any project management).

Work could well eat into my spare time a lot more, soon – and I think most of January will be out anyway. I’ll try to post more when I know what I’m doing, and what I have time to do…