An ever-expanding todo list…

As expected, work has been on top of me this month – business trips and courses seem to have become the norm 🙁

Well, I got myself an account today… angelic at to match my gaming handle 🙂

I read about Loki stopping operations, and it cast my mind back to the OpenUT project, so I’m thinking about trying to revive that a bit and carry over the support for Linux users to the OpenUT site. The coding aspect of the project is dead, of course, but I always wanted it to be a resource site anyway. Completely forgot that Ryan used to work @ Loki – how time flies! is a natural home for me with my background in UT and current interest in Q2.

Working on gCVS. The new version needs some UI tweaks, which should mostly amount to changing a couple of things in Glade. I also used Biswa’s project creation script to build myself a gCVS .prj file of Anjuta, which was pretty cool… it needed some adjustment, but it works reasonably well.

Jens seems to have nailed the major memory issue with Anjuta, I’d been fielding a lot of questions about that via e-mail. I hope we can tighten it up, with something as complicated as Anjuta it’s always a challenge to keep “best practice” and “feature creep” under control and make sure that we don’t make too many changes without tackling underlying problems. Once Biswa’s latest patch goes in with Misha’s icons, the UI for 0.1.9 should be stable and I can update the manual screenshots etc..

What else… must get my photo album online… want to do more work on ample (but at least my MP3 server is working OK at the moment)… must upgrade my boxes to RH7.2… want to complete the insert functions I added to Anjuta (which involves learning the prefs and UI stuff I added comments on)… *WHY* do I get myself into these situations! At least I’m taking a couple of days off over the weekend!