Long time, no update…

It’s about time I put something in here, since this is the way people are supposed to follow my current development progress…

I’m suffering from a major overload of websites. I’ve finally set up my own home server. What this means is that I now have a domain name (www.andypiper.co.uk) which points to my UKLinux webspace (www.andyp.uklinux.net), which hosts various bits of my life; an account at icculus (icculus.org/~angelic/) which doesn’t have much yet; a public site at jumpgate.homelinux.net with no useful front page but a whole load of other stuff like my photo album; and there’s my own admin area hosted on the same server.

What I *really* need to do is sit down and work out how to tie all of this together…


Projects, projects. Anjuta is still the focus. I got 1.0-beta1 out there and I’ve been gradually announcing it in appropriate places. One major reason I didn’t want to announce it with a fanfare on Gnotices and elsewhere is that I KNOW it would provoke the usual flames and array of “when is Anjuta2 coming out? howcome you don’t support GNOME2 yet? what’s the deal here?” and we just do not have any integrated website to point people at explaining:

a) where existing projects are;

b) what is happening with Anjuta1 and the GTK2 stuff;

c) what is happening with Anjuta2.

Of course, what has happening instead is people are asking why it isn’t announced, where is the release?, and a whole swathe more bug reports and feature requests are coming in… and no-one is doing much about them 🙁

Ah well. One patch in the queue and a couple of other things I need to change myself. I’ve half-rewritten the Anjuta kickstart tutorial but not committed it yet. Once that’s sorted, should be time for beta2.

The debugger now needs a lot of love, I think. Lots of reports of problems with it and I’ve found it to be somewhere between unstable and unusable myself.

Nobody has bothered to (re)fix the copy-paste bug yet. And quite a few other critical release tasks are still not claimed.

I had my first experience with the website today. It’s set up in quite an interesting way. I still have a lot of problems with the layout of the site in e.g. Galeon, text overwrites table borders in lots of places, so I’m keen to have a go at a small rewrite of a few things.


Bah. Still not upgraded on my workstation. My laptop has a release candidate snapshot. I’m still so wary of upgrading this machine from RH7.1 to 7.3! So many things are likely to break. I’ve read superb things about Limbo (RH8) so I’m looking forward to that, and keeping an eye on the RH Bugzilla. I might upgrade to the beta if I’m feeling very brave, and have everything backed up at least three times.

The upshot is that I’m still not into GTK2/GNOME2 development, and in fact having to stick with RH7.1 on my

main workstation has made Anjuta1 development almost impossible recently (since GnomePrint was added, anyway…)

Web stuff

I’ve been seriously impressed by My Image Gallery (mig.sourceforge.net) and that’s what I’m using for my photo album. Dead easy to set up. The same goes for phpost (webgadgets.com), which unfortunately is not GPL’d but the author seems like a good guy. I’ve sent him a word-wrap patch. I’ve been improving my PHP by writing a page to manage Code Red and Nimda attacks based on my Apache logs.

Setting up my own server has been a lot of fun. Now I just need to work out how to create self-signed SSL certificates which last longer than 1 month…



Coding snippets

My Java is on the up I think. Currently toying with some SWT stuff, I want to port a few projects currently using Swing or AWT to the new toolkit. Now that there are GTK bindings I’m a happy man. Eclipse 2.0 / WebSphere App Developer are going to be really nice on Linux now.

I’ve also been working on some MQ projects. I’ve just discovered JomaMQTools which looks very handy – and that’s an immediate target for SWT 🙂

Revised my developer profile @ SF, I think I’ve been doing some things for a bit longer now so I’ve upgraded my status on those skills, and added some new ones. Amazing how much you can learn in a short time.

Yesterday I was mad enough to browse the Jobs page at SourceForge to see if any projects I might be interested in could actually use me. I guess I don’t have time to be doing silly things like that at the moment, so I stopped.


Still got one 🙂 she goes away in about a month though. Bad – no more time with her for almost 2 years 🙁 Good – more time to spend on my other projects, going to stay with her family in September, etc..

That’s all folks. Hopefully it won’t be seven months before my next update.