Back from holiday

Just back from an EXCELLENT holiday visiting my girlfriend’s family in Poland. Very relaxing, it’s a lovely country and highly recommended 😎

Did some hacking on the Geek Code Generator this morning (… mainly since the source RPM would not build on my system. I seem to be making a career out of fixing dodgy .spec files, I intend to publish a set on my new website when I get around to it. Submitted the new file to the project website but it seems dormant since 2000 so I have no hopes of it being used by anyone other than me.

Anjuta patches still need applying. Naba got a few before I went away but I have a queue. I’ll need to check which ones need to go in, then firm up the second 1.0 beta.

Downloading the RH8 ISOs. The upgrade is a bit of a frightening prospect, I really need to back up my workstation and do a full reinstall. Might have to wait a while, but I really want to get up-and-running with all the new goodies. Bit annoyed that there is no MP3 capability but it looks like that is easy to fix.

Did some work on the CodeBlue worm scanner before I went away, and got permission from the author to update it if I want to. I have version 6 already coded and sitting on my hard disc but I’m not going to release it just yet. I also want to release my PHP page which does worm reporting based on Apache logs – very rudimentary, but I find it useful.

Upgraded my photo album to MiG 1.3.6 (, I like the “real” random thumbnails feature although I had to do some scripting to work around the problem with hidden, empty albums being seen at the top level.

Attempted to upgrade to phpost 1.09 ( but it’s buggy. Note to self – contact the author *again* about the posting problems. This time the issues are worse, delete doesn’t work either 🙁

Had a reply from the author of Meld ( about using the views in Anjuta2, he seems interested, now to hook him up with the GNOME DevTools guys! 🙂

Basically the TODO list is really big again! I need to spend some time pulling together everything I have been working on, getting my website sorted out, installing a spam filter of some sort (SpamAssassin seems most popular but it looks like a pain to set up :-/ )…….

Back to work tomorrow.