New blogger, not blogging

So I’m new at this blogging thing. I forgot that I was supposed to post updates occasionally. Let’s make a start.

I’m pretty certain that PSG isn’t going to be my final choice of blogging tool. The (GNOME) world seems to be using MovableType and I’m sure I’ll be sucked in eventually. Right now I want a simple PHP-only solution, but I guess I’ll go with something with a DB backend in the long run. MovableType also wants Perl, which isn’t my favourite, but hey, I’ve never been one to stand out from the crowd.

The plan is to upgrade phoenix (the server this stuff runs on) from RedHat-very-old-version to Fedora Core 1 quite soon, after a remarkably successful and painless upgrade of castor (my workstation). At that point I’ll probably try to kick this site into better shape. I’m considering replacing the photo gallery with something cooler as well.

The GNOME2-ifiction of GnomeSword is progressing nicely and I posted a tentative TODO list last night, although there has been no response to it as yet. There are still some big tasks (GConf support for example) but hopefully the little ones can happen in parallel. The UI is looking really good and I think we only need final polishes in most places now.

Been following the Anjuta discussions about gtkmm/gnomemm/glademm etc.

It is horribly familiar to see the discussion, and I’m not sure if clarity is being acheived. The problem is trying to support so many different languages and environments within the IDE, inevitably not everyone understands the ins and outs of every technology involved.

Interesting to read Biswa’s suggestion for the adoption of Eclipse as the standard IDE at this stage.

Good luck to the Anjuta guys. Nice to see my name in lights briefly as an example of someone who had helped in the past. I like having that level of impact 🙂

Great session at church last night which initially talked about the differences between the culture of “entertaining” versus the culture of “hospitality”, but broadened into a wider discussion of our direction. It really got me thinking – lots to pray about.