Adventures without documentation

Today I spent a lot of time playing with GnomeSword2.

Pierre was good enough to send me his initial work on the documentation. I looked at it, then decided I wanted a real DocBook editor.

So I downloaded Conglomerate (and can I just add, hooray for yum!). It works, but seems very laggy.

Then I remembered that Abiword can handle DocBook. Except, it kept telling me that the files were invalid. Talking on #abiword I eventually reached the conclusion that the DocBook filter is old and hasn’t been updated for the XML syntax, it only handles SGML. Another entry on my ToDo list…

Talking on #docs I eventually found out that we need to use the Traditional metatheme (= Atlanta Metacity and Default GTK) for our screenshots, but the GDP hasn’t updated the handbook yet.

The next thing was gnome-spell integration, which Terry added today. Except, it wouldn’t build. There followed a short adventure where I attempted to understand how both gnome-spell and Bonobo were supposed to work, until someone on explained it to me.

We really need more and better GNOME developer documentation. The current state of things sucks.