Daily Archives: August 6, 2004

Why I don’t like MySQL

Argh. Now I remember why I never wanted a site with a DB backend…

So I change my /etc/httpd/conf.d/wordpress file so that the Alias points at /blog instead of /blog2 (I was decommissioning the PSG version). Restart Apache. WordPress layout gets borked and I can’t access the wp-admin page to modify anything.

So I have to go delving around in the DB tables to change the site URL. Except that MySQL uses some very weird commands (to a DB2 user). Then I go looking for a simple GUI – there’s bound to be a nice simple GUI, surely…

gmysqlcc won’t compile on Fedora Core 2 complaining that it can’t find the libmysqlclient library which is very clearly present on my system.

gentry doesn’t compile either. Mind you it does at least appear unmaintained whereas the other app is more current.

Eventually I download a precompiled mysqlcc which has a horrible Qt GUI, but at least it works…

58 clicks of the mouse later, the blog is back, and in its new home. Now for the layout and stylesheets.