GmailFS, and in other news, webcams…

Found a link to GmailFS – the Gmail Filesystem. An entertaining kernel module to use a GMail account as a filesystem… well, they’re large enough, right? Since I acquired my account last week I’ve been considering ways in which to use it – not sure I will change over to it full-time. Couldn’t get any of my favoured account names (andyp not long enough, andypiper already gone) so I settled for andypiperuk – I already know that there’s more than one of me in the UK, but this is better than nothing and better than the random number-style suffix solution of Hotmail and others.

The Philips webcam driver for Linux has been withdrawn. Time to find an alternative. If anyone has any suggestions for a good, Linux-compatible replacement for my ToUcam, please get in touch.

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