Monthly Archives: September 2004

GNOME graphics apps: a rant

Why isn’t there more collaboration between projects like The Gimp, Inkscape and Dia? I guess because they have all been written to scratch different itches. However, cooperation could easily start at the UI level – just getting toolboxes with icons in the same format for e.g. Zoom, Select, etc.. would be a start, and really help to unify the user’s experience.

Getting from Visio to SVG

Found a very interesting project in the form of VDXtoSVG, which lets you convert from Visio XML files into the more standard SVG format. I was looking at how this could be used with various projects such as Inkscape and Dia.

It is basically an XSLT which enables a Visio file to be converted to SVG.
One point of interest is that it will not run through Xalan. I have only gotten it to work with Saxon.

Ross is wrong, sometimes

Felt compelled to point out that Ross is wrong about some things. Well, I disagree with him, anyway. Just to balance things out, I also pointed out that he’s right about something else.
He does seem to have graciously accepted my comments.

She passed! With an A!

My very wonderful wife is officially a GENIUS. She passed her degree in English Translation yesterday, with an A in her final dissertation on Shakespeare’s The Tempest (which was a brilliant piece of work if I say so myself).
I am hugely proud, and love her very much. Just so that everyone in the world knows about it (well, those who read this blog, anyway…)

I want more Linux ports!

Well I really just want a Linux port of Dawn of War. It sounds good. Mind you, not having such a port probably means I’ll spend less time glued the PC, so it is probably a good thing.
(was that too many probablys?)
I could of course get the Windows version, but that would involve also buying a copy of Windows, which I refuse to do on principle.