WordPress tweak

Applied this fix to my Apache installation. Seems as though it would be a good addition to the RPM package.

However, I didn’t quite fix it in the way described at the end of that link. I took a different approach using a permanent redirect, like so:

In /etc/httpd/conf.d/wordpress.conf I added
Redirect permanent /blog/index.rdf http://jumpgate.homelinux.net/blog/wp-rdf.php
Redirect permanent /blog/rss.xml http://jumpgate.homelinux.net/blog/wp-rss.php
Redirect permanent /blog/rss2.xml http://jumpgate.homelinux.net/blog/wp-rss2.php
Redirect permanent /blog/atom.xml http://jumpgate.homelinux.net/blog/wp-atom.php

Restart Apache. Hey presto.

Update 22/09 – as at today, most of the crawlers seem to have gotten the message. Googlebot last came by and asked for an /rss.xml URL on 14th September , but apart from that I’ve seen no problems.