Monthly Archives: September 2004

The Return of the King Extended Edition at last!

Now this is the news I’ve been waiting for all year. But over 4 hours long? Wow.

GIMP GAP – doesn’t quite do what it says on the tin

Raised Bug 153520 – Loss of blue channel on split avis against the GIMP Animation Package. I was trying to follow Carol’s GAP article and came up against exactly the same problem she was seeing – yellow/green frames. It is useless to me until this is fixed. In actual fact the bug is in Loki’s modified xanim but there doesn’t appear to be anywhere to log bugs against that product.

Update 24/09 – I now have CVS gimp-gap giving me full colour frames. I haven’t followed the tutorial through any further. Raised several other bugs / enhancement requests in the meantime.

FOAF and DOAP Firefox extensions

Sadly, the Firefox extensions for DOAP and FOAF (DOAPer and Foafer) don’t seem to work anymore in the 1.0 preview release. Here’s hoping they get updated for the 1.0 final version.

Mini-review: Firefox 1.0 PR is superb.

The Preferences / Options are becoming slightly more complex than they have been, but in general I’m pleased. I was also happy with the way that it handled extensions in the upgrade – they were neatly disabled and upgraded where possible. The new Find and RSS features are very cool, as is the new Bookmarks editing interface.

I currently only use Firefox on Windows but I’m seriously considering replacing Epiphany on my GNOME desktop as well. I’ll probably wait until after Fedora Core 3 comes out before making that change.

GMail incentive

Let’s see if *anyone* is reading. I think not.

I have 6 GMail invites going spare – one to each of the first six people to e-mail me at andy dot piper at freeuk dot com.

Update 22/09 – well, my suspicions are confirmed. I’m blogging in a vacuum.

Java Programming mistakes

Having done a lot of Java work today, Top Ten Errors Java Programmers Make made interesting reading. Old article but still remarkably accurate, even with the help of modern IDEs.