A Life in the Theatre

We went to the theatre last night. Ola really wanted to go because a) it was Patrick Stewart, and b) we hadn’t been to any shows together.

On the first point: Patrick Stewart is an amazing actor. The play was very good. We tried to get an autograph after the matinee but he wasn’t able to come out, so we went again after the evening’s performance and got him to sign a programme. He seems a very nice chap. There was a large crowd, but mostly excited teenagers wanting to see Joshua Jackson, who I have to admit I’d either never heard of before, or at least never noticed enough to remember. He was good in the play so maybe I’ll pay more attention to his career in the future.

Anyway, very impressive. The Apollo is a suprisingly small theatre, but ideal for this kind of performance: two performers, no interval, quite intense. The production was very good – sets, sound and costume all befitting the play. For me, the show was dominated by Patrick Stewart’s performance as Robert, but I’m wondering if that was because I’m more familiar with his work as an actor. I’d like to go again and try to focus my attention on the character of John – I think it would be an interesting contrast.

On the second point: I think we’ll be seeing more shows and plays in the future.

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