Month: March 2005

Life through a lens

I am now getting into DSLR photography with a Canon EOS 350D.

Very very nice piece of kit so far, and a major step up from the Fuji Finepix 4700 Zoom which has served for the past 4 years.

One of the issues I have run into is the Linux integration. So far I have submitted some information to the gPhoto developers to help them get the correct USB IDs in for support of the camera. Unfortunately I haven’t managed to install and test the CVS version yet and am waiting for a 2.1.6 release which I can install as an RPM. I also discovered some interesting behaviour of my Dane-Elec SmartMedia/CompactFlash reader with FC3 (i.e. it gets very upset when mounting / unmounting media – so much that I had to reboot to get USB hotplug to respond again). So things are a little lacking on this front so far.

More soon…

It was broken, but compiles fine now

powermated-0.3.3 was just released.

It sounds like beep media player does not support some of the control functions offered by XMMS, and by all accounts the developers are not really interested in fixing the problems, so the new seek functionality is only available with the XMMS plugin. I’m still incredibly grateful to Tim for persevering with BMP support.

There was a tiny problem compiling 0.3.3 with BMP support as released – a patch has gone in already, but just in case:

— powermated/XMMSControl.cpp 27 Feb 2005 00:33:40 -0000 1.3
+++ powermated/XMMSControl.cpp 3 Mar 2005 09:47:05 -0000
@@ -210,9 +210,12 @@
if (!initXMMSControl(m_Launch))
return false;

xmms_remote_seek(m_Session, Offset);

return true;
+ return true;

int XMMSControl::XMMSGetOutputTime() {

Update: 0.3.4 contains this fix.

Update on the update: … but there’s another bug in 0.3.4 – the default monitor always gets reset to CPU even if overridden with an options file. There’s a fix in CVS.

Updated update on the update: All fixed in 0.3.5 … we think … 🙂