Contrast, UIs, a camera, and resurrection

Contrast and UI
I had struggled for a long time to understand why some of the bold labels in the GnomeSword dialogs and windows appeared grey, and others appeared black.

Now, James Cape has provided a (possible) answer. I need to go away and look at code in order to prove whether this really is the reason. behind it, or whether I am deluding myself.

Update: it seems that this is a theme thing. Quick! Someone fix GTK+ 🙂

A camera
The 350D continues to impress me. Still haven’t got any photos to show off online but I am in the process of creating a physical gallery in our hallway. The tripod arrived today.

It seems gphoto2 support is still progressing.

The Glaxium project now has a new home (and here is the old home). No full website as yet, and no releases. The code in CVS is simply a copy of the 0.5 version which was the last official release before it became unmaintained.

A brief overview of plans:

  • Make it build on modern Linux distributions (check! already done it, but not added to CVS yet)
  • Clean up the code
  • Fix up Windows port
  • Get autoconf and automake working correctly

More to come, as usual.

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