Things I’ve learned today

Trying to get SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) v9 to play nicely with VMWare 4.5 is a fun game.

Firstly it seems that you have to turn off SELinux as per the VMWare KnowledgeBase.

Secondly you have to apply some hackery to get the vmhgfs kernel module to compile as per Stefan Lasiewski’s instructions. Not only that, though – I had to copy a bunch of files from /usr/src/linux-[currentver]-obj to /usr/src/linux-[currentver], or the script would continue to fail, even though I could successfully compile the kernel module in /tmp without using the script… “go figure”.

Anyway, Shared Folders now seem to work.

[yes, yes, I know VMWare 5 is out. I imagine it doesn’t suffer from this problem. I had to use 4.5 for the project I’m working on.]

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