End of another week, and a weekend

Had a really good day on Friday using the TCP/IP nodes for WebSphere Message Broker (on the prehistoric version 5 of the product, but you can't have everything). No WebSphere MQ involved at all – application integration all done over IP, and very fast. MQ and other protocols may be involved at later stages of the project in question.

Uploaded some old photos from my portfolio to Flickr at the weekend. One of them has attracted more interest than anything I'd posted before, which was pleasing… several people have marked it as a favourite and at least one person has used it as a desktop background.

Bark IMG_2350 Pagoda

No time for taking any new shots though, since we spent both days traipsing up and down Oxford Street and around the Lakeside shopping centre. Then I got home and ordered all my Christmas shopping on Amazon instead 🙂

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