Stung into action

I've finally crumbled under the pressure Richard Brown has been placing on me and decided to try blogging outside of the IBM firewall. IBM has been encouraging employees to run weblogs, and over the past few months I've become one of the more prolific internal bloggers. I fully expect to continue to run an internal weblog, as there are many topics which are either not of interest to a worldwide public audience, or otherwise not suitable. I also intend to post some of my thoughts here on the outside, too. Chalk one up to Gendal.

So a brief introduction, beyond what you can learn in my profile – I work for IBM Software Group, in our services organisation. I'm a WebSphere specialist with a background in using the MQ family of products. I also have a cross-portfolio solutions focus, and have an interest in collaborative working and skills management.

As I get this blog off the ground I expect to post some of the older material from my internal blog, suitably backdated. I hope that it will be of interest. Assume that anything chronologically before this post has been exported from my IBM internal blog. This post represents the very inception of The Lost Outpost.

4 responses to “Stung into action

  1. hello. welcome to the world.


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