Weekend photos

We decided to avoid all shops this weekend, and went for a walk in Windsor instead. We parked about halfway along the Long Walk, an avenue of trees through Windsor Great Park that leads directly up to Windsor Castle. From there we walked up into town, had a quiet coffee, and looked at the town's decorations. Didn't think much of the Christmas tree on the main street outside the castle – and none of the photos I took of it were any good, so the only ones I've posted to Flickr have been from the walk itself.

Pony Crows Windsor Castle

By the time we walked back – and it wasn't late – it was dark, and a thick mist had formed in the park so that it was impossible to see more than about twenty metres ahead. Quite spooky, but very peaceful.

My other weekend activity was building PCs, but I'll come back to that in a subsequent post.

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