I couldn’t sleep last night…

… and being the techie that I am, decided to have a play with WebSphere Application Server Community Edition. I uninstalled the pre-release software I'd looked at previously, and followed a nice tutorial from the WebSphere Developer Technical Journal to get the Daytrader sample deployed and running.

All works well. The only thing I'm struggling with is that the process of installing the sample "magically" created some JMS destinations… but trying to configure them manually via the admin console causes stack traces in the log and no destinations get created. Probably just my install.

A few weeks ago I learned that Fedora Core 5 is slated to include an Open Source app server called JOnAS. Yesterday the Geronimo blog mentioned that RedHat and Novell are planning to ship Apache Geronimo and Apache Derby (nee IBM Cloudscape) in their Linux distributions. WAS CE is of course based on Geronimo, so this is great news.

Oh, and Sun are planning to ship Derby, too. Naturally it is their own implementation, dubbed "Java DB".

The software scene gets more and more interesting.

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