Day: December 21, 2005

Extending WebSphere MQ Explorer

The new WebSphere MQ Explorer in WebSphere MQ version 6 is based on Eclipse 3.x, which makes it highly extensible. Dale Lane from IBM Hursley (author of at least two WMQ SupportPacs) has written a developerWorks article on writing tests in Java which can be used in WMQ Explorer.

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On holiday

One of the reasons for the lack of deeply technical posts in the past few days is the fact that I'm now on holiday – not back at work until January 6th 2006.

Yesterday I went to London to finish my Christmas shopping. Took the opportunity to get some shots of London at Christmas time.

Selfridges Oxford Street Liberty

There were more, but I found that due to the bustle and enclosed nature of Oxford Street it is remarkably difficult to capture really good shots from ground level. At least I managed to buy the things I needed.

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Google Earth can see my car

One of the most recent updates to data for Google Earth (perhaps my favourite way of wasting time and expanding my brain all at once) shows my car.

It is definitely my car. I wonder when the picture was taken.

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