HP printer vs Canon camera

I'm staying with my wife's family in Poland for Christmas and New Year. Today it is pretty cold. There has been deep snow since we got here. This doesn't usually bother anyone over here, since the Poles are quite used to snow and it doesn't cause total chaos when a few flakes drop from the sky as it can do in the UK (I've been reading the BBC website…). However, today it has not stopped snowing and the transport systems are beginning to slow down quite a lot. I posted a couple of photos from a few days ago to my Flickr account.

Christmas trees Malinka

One of the things that I've done whilst I've been here is to set up the new computer for the family. This has been a fairly smooth process, although my ability to read Polish computer terminology has had to improve greatly… (you try installing Polish Windows XP when you can barely hold a conversation in the language…).

The only issues have been with the old printers. The HP LaserJet 5L had packed up, and there is a Lexmark Z600 which is refusing to print colour no matter how much I try to coax it to do so. After some research, I recommended that we nip to the shops to get a new HP LaserJet 1020. This has been a successful purchase, but for one small problemette. I used to be able to plug my Canon EOS 350D into the USB slot at the front of the computer, and it would be picked up. Now, when I do that the device is detected as new hardware by Windows, but it remains an Unknown device and I can't get the driver installed. However – if I unplug the LaserJet 1020 from the back of the system, the camera works fine again. Conflict between Canon and HP? Surely one of them can't be disabling the products of the other? I wonder… anyway, I wish I knew how to get this working. I guess I need to raise support tickets with both companies.

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