Feeding my Pratchett obsession

Having finished my holiday reading three days too early, I managed to find an English-language copy of another Pratchett in Tesco in Bielsko-Biała last night – Going Postal (it was between that, The Wee Free Men, and Night Watch… all of which are way down the line in chronology terms, but time and choice was limited – so I've jumped 24 novels ahead). Impressions so far are very good, and I'm only up to chapter 3. I was kind of surprised to discover chapters, though, since the first four Discworld novels didn't seem to have them. I guess times change, after 20 years. Moist Von Lipwig is shaping up to be a very interesting character, and there have been some gems of humour already which suggest that I'm not going to be disappointed by this book.

For those readers bored with literature, my usual non-holiday ramblings should resume within the next 48 hours.

Apart from a few last minute errands and packing today, I've been wrestling with a Lexmark Z601 printer which doesn't want to print colour. Last week I emailed Lexmark support, with little hope since this is a relatively old (2 years at least) model and I can't find much about it online. Today I received a very polite and helpful email, two pages of A4 once printed, which had a variety of useful pieces of advice about how to perform hardware tests and additional cleaning tips. Sadly it still isn't working properly – after cleaning I get colour sporadically for about 2 pages, and then it stops again. I'm beginning to suspect that the colour cartridge is dead, although I'm assured that it is new. Oh well. Still no progress on the Canon vs HP issue I blogged about a couple of days ago, either.

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