I don’t need most of this stuff anyway

Jean-Francois raises an interesting view on Google Pack over on his blog Life in Technical Sales. I'm not as brave as him in that I don't want to remove my Google account (yet). He's right that a lot of the pack is redundant – to me anyway, since I was already a Firefox user, for example. It is a nice way of getting the latest "essentials" onto a new PC, though.

Incidentally, it looks like I was wrong about the screensaver, it can reference files on a network drive. The only disappointment is that it always works through directories of pictures in the same order, so there isn't that much variety. I do like the Collage look, though. I wonder if there is an alternative photo screen saver that would allow me to have something as nice as the collage, with the variety of randomisation, possibly with Flickr support included…

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