ThinkPad T60 announced and previewed

I'm happy to hear about the ThinkPad T60 (this is a link to a preview article). A dual-core model with a max of 4Gb of RAM and a larger hard drive. I won't miss the parallel port. I do wonder why I really need a Windows key, but never mind. I wonder how long it will before we are issued with them internally…

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4 responses to “ThinkPad T60 announced and previewed

  1. I want one. If you get one before me, I suggest you scratch off the model number for your own safety :-p


  2. We just laid the groundwork with GW by telling him the specs… so I think you are more likely to get one before me, not the other way around.


  3. Ahhh… but I work for Alan and not Gary 😦

    Still….. no harm in begging when I’m in Hurslely tomorrow….


  4. Indeed, but the management seed has been planted. T60 not due to be available before Feb 14th, anyway. Remember to get your VMWare 5.5 license, too – it supports multicore processors and should give a big performance boost.


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