Today on IBM developerWorks…

Making an early start to my blogging today, I'd like to draw attention to a couple of the latest articles on developerWorks:

  1. Hursley superstar James Taylor has an article on Verifying WebSphere Message Broker V6 without using the toolkit. Thanks for the acknowledgement, James – I checked through some of the scripts included in this article at an earlier stage, it should be a very useful article if you have just installed WMB v6.
  2. Krishnakumar Balachandar has an article on Using WebSphere MQ with WebSphere Application Server Community Edition. This is a topic I've been following for some time, so it is particularly nice to see the labs putting out some material on this. This makes WAS CE an ideal platform for building web applications to interact with an existing WebSphere MQ or Message Broker infrastructure.

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