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Sametime 7.5 screenshots

Exciting announcements from Lotusphere – Ed Brill has posted screenshots of Sametime 7.5 on his weblog.

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Lotusphere 2006 begins, and developerWorks blogging

I can't be at Lotusphere, but I'll be able to follow the goodness via Kelly's blog and photos. I know there'll be some great stuff coming from our Lotus team.

Incidentally, to pick up a comment James Governor made last week (I'm a little late in responding)… I think developerWorks is a great place for IBM employees to be blogging. It is a focal point for our products and technology. Microsoft bloggers have blogs at MSDN, so why shouldn't we have them on developerWorks? I'd agree with Richard's point that it seems a bit strange to need to get a developer ID to leave a comment, but sometimes you do have to register to leave comments on other blogging sites. As a techie, I'd actually consider it something of a badge of honour to have a developerWorks blog. I guess it makes some sense to make some of our blogs, particularly from strategy and VP level, more accessible directly from ibm.com, but I'm inclined to Richard's "so what?!" view of this issue.

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Weekend wanderings

We visited Wakehurst Place this weekend. Wakehurst is an offshoot of Kew Gardens – we're members at Kew, and get free entry. It is a lovely estate with some great walking opportunities (up and downhill, unlike many other gardens). The manor house itself is quite attractive. Another major feature is that Wakehurst is the home of the Millennium Seed Bank, where they are aiming to preserve 10% of the world's flora in seeds by 2010. We both agreed that we need to visit again as the seasons pass – it looks like it will be really beautiful in spring and summer, and the walks through the trees should be great in autumn.

Some photos, more to come (and more on Flickr – check the large sizes too):

Walled Garden Millennium Seed Bank Manor

Picked up the debut album by Thirteen Senses for a stupidly tiny price in Tesco – very mellow listening. Also picked up a bargain copy of Midway Arcade Treasures for PS2, so I spent a bit of time yesterday afternoon revisiting arcade classics like Gauntlet, Defender, Spyhunter, Joust and my personal favourite, Smash TV. Some of them seemed much more difficult to play than they used to be – it could have been the controller over the keyboard. I certainly wouldn't have spent as long playing if I didn't have unlimited opportunities to continue (i.e. "new coin") in most of the games.

As Darren mentioned over on eightbar, one of the internal IBM podcasts at the moment is Battle of the Bands. I listened to the most recent episode this weekend. I think I'm going to have to start buying some of the albums by the artists involved – in particular, I really enjoyed a track by Lisa Swain. The quality of all of the bands is just so high, it has been very difficult to choose my favourite tracks so far.

And now, the week begins in earnest.

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