Lotusphere 2006 begins, and developerWorks blogging

I can't be at Lotusphere, but I'll be able to follow the goodness via Kelly's blog and photos. I know there'll be some great stuff coming from our Lotus team.

Incidentally, to pick up a comment James Governor made last week (I'm a little late in responding)… I think developerWorks is a great place for IBM employees to be blogging. It is a focal point for our products and technology. Microsoft bloggers have blogs at MSDN, so why shouldn't we have them on developerWorks? I'd agree with Richard's point that it seems a bit strange to need to get a developer ID to leave a comment, but sometimes you do have to register to leave comments on other blogging sites. As a techie, I'd actually consider it something of a badge of honour to have a developerWorks blog. I guess it makes some sense to make some of our blogs, particularly from strategy and VP level, more accessible directly from ibm.com, but I'm inclined to Richard's "so what?!" view of this issue.

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2 thoughts on “Lotusphere 2006 begins, and developerWorks blogging”

  1. you are surely proving my point – a badge of honour for geeks sure. but if Surjit wants to market Lotus to non-IBM developers then developerworks is clearly not the ideal place. sure you should have an equivalent to msdn blogs-its organic. but not ALL SWG blogs should be on developerworks.

    Unless you want these blogs to be self-referential

  2. I’d agree with that comment, it isn’t ideal, and as I said I think there is a place for having VP and other levels or types of blog accessible from somewhere else (blogs.ibm.com?) as well as from dW. Until we get something like that in place, dW is a central point for corporate bloggers to start, if they choose.

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