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Canon announces the 30D – is it “new” enough?

According to PhotographyBLOG, Canon has just announced the EOS 30D, after months of speculation about what the successor to the 20D would look like.

My only concern is, is it a new product for the sake of having one? The principal improvement appears to be the larger LCD (I'm a fan of larger LCDs on cameras in general, so this is not a bad thing provided that the battery life remains reasonable). Apart from that there are the Picture Styles that are now available in the 5D, and a selectable 3fps/5fps frame rate. The EOS 20D has been hugely popular and successful, but I would have thought that such a small incremental update is not likely to tempt people to upgrade from the existing model. Maybe it will help to win some people over from a Nikon system (I doubt it) or be appealing to those moving from compacts (I have to admit that if I didn't have the 350D and I had a bit of extra cash, I'd be buying a 30D).

No reference on the Canon website yet, but I'm sure that will come.

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Gluing myself together

I don't know if anyone else has come across Suprglu yet (why is it that after Flickr, everyone has to drop the 'e'?).

The premise behind Suprglu is that many people have a Flickr account, various RSS and ATOM feeds flowing from sites like del.icio.us (it supports a whole range of default sources, plus any feed you want to add), and at least one blog, maybe more. By registering with Suprglu, you can build a composite site which aggregates all of those sources into a single page. So, if you visit my Suprglu site, you'll find my latest photos from Flickr interspersed with posts from my external blog. Like Blogger, Suprglu is themable.

The only big problem is that it seems to lag behind by 24-48 hours.

WAS CE – a good looking update

I just installed version of WebSphere Application Server Community Edition, which is based on Apache Geronimo v 1.0

The admin console for this release has had a significant revamp, with some nice icons added to the GUI. It has some very useful functionality (I like the log viewer in particular).

Unfortunately (and foolishly) I ignored the warning not to install over the top of an existing installation, and pressed Next after the installer had told me to choose an alternative install path or uninstall first. As a result, I lost my existing server configuration. Fortunately, it was trivial to redeploy the sample JMS application I've been playing with:

C:\WebSphere\CE\bin> deploy --user [user] --password [pword] deploy ..\samples\jmssimple\sender.war

Sadly, I haven't had a chance to try out the Eclipse plugin yet… but this looks like a nice step forward.

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