Canon announces the 30D – is it “new” enough?

According to PhotographyBLOG, Canon has just announced the EOS 30D, after months of speculation about what the successor to the 20D would look like.

My only concern is, is it a new product for the sake of having one? The principal improvement appears to be the larger LCD (I'm a fan of larger LCDs on cameras in general, so this is not a bad thing provided that the battery life remains reasonable). Apart from that there are the Picture Styles that are now available in the 5D, and a selectable 3fps/5fps frame rate. The EOS 20D has been hugely popular and successful, but I would have thought that such a small incremental update is not likely to tempt people to upgrade from the existing model. Maybe it will help to win some people over from a Nikon system (I doubt it) or be appealing to those moving from compacts (I have to admit that if I didn't have the 350D and I had a bit of extra cash, I'd be buying a 30D).

No reference on the Canon website yet, but I'm sure that will come.

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