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Flickr eyecandy

So you've been bitten by the Flickr bug. You update your photostream regularly. Wouldn't it be great if your screensaver could show you your pictures, your favourites, those of your contacts, or others based on tags or groups? I've found two good Flickr screensavers:

I'd love one for Linux…

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The end of SWT? Mustang kicks back

One of the big annoyances I always had with Java was how bad rich client / desktop applications looked. They can be ugly, and even with Swing, the look and feel often never quite matched the native desktop… this was particularly true on Linux, and I was also disappointed with the lack of antialiased (smoothed) fonts for Swing GUIs on Windows until recently.

Ensode.net has some screenshots of the new GTK look and feel that is due to come along in Mustang (aka Java 1.6), and it does seem that it is likely to be a much better match for my Linux GNOME desktop.

Of course, this isn't enough to sway me away from SWT, which always looks completely native, and as a programming framework it gets richer by the day. developerWorks has an article comparing AWT, Swing and SWT, and a tutorial on how to migrate your applications from Swing to SWT.

Dynamically update Web service interfaces using WebSphere Message Broker

An article that has been in the works for quite some time has been published on IBM developerWorks. It describes how to use a message flow to automatically download a WSDL file from a remote source, extract the schema definition, compile it as a message set, and redeploy the message dictionary to a running Message Broker.

It is really great to see so much material on Message Broker (and the rest of the WebSphere family) being published recently. Do take a look at developerWorks, there is some fantastic material there.

This is my debut as a developerWorks contributor, although I should thank Ben Thompson for doing most of the work of making our idea into something publishable. Many thanks to the developerWorks editorial team, too. Look out for more from me on developerWorks in the near future.

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