Going 50mm

Since I got my 50mm lens a few weeks ago, I've been making an effort to use it as often as possible… but I still fall back on my existing zooms fairly often. The truth is that we've not been out to do much photography – which is why I've been posting stuff from my back catalogue to my Flickr photostream.

I wanted to share a few really interesting articles about 50mm photography. The best article I've read is The Forgotten Lens. There is also Rediscover the 50mm Lens and this blog entry on 50mm prime lenses (which refers back to the first article I've linked).

I'm excited, but not getting out enough. I hope to remedy that soon.

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4 thoughts on “Going 50mm”

  1. The 50mm lens on the 350D is more like a 75 or 80mm. Do you find it wide enough? I’m awfully tempted to buy one because it’d force me shoot a lot differently.
    Maybe I’ll go look for something in the 30mm range.

  2. I do like the 50mm, but I’m still getting used to not having a zoom lens on the front of the camera. The key characteristics for me have been the weight (very light) and the price, which has made it very accessible. I do often think that I’d like a wider lens, yes… but then the prices of the Canon wide-angle EF lenses (other than this one) made me want to at least try getting used to fixed-length lenses first.

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