Daily Archives: March 3, 2006

Photo backlog

Originally uploaded by andyp uk.

I'm slowly getting through a huge photo backlog from last year. This is the latest upload.

The one thing this has highlighted is how out of whack my displays are. My Linux box (where I edited this, and whence I uploaded it) shows the image with richer / more saturated colour than either of my two Windows laptops. It seems like it might be time to invest in a Spyder or Huey.

In other news, my favourite Flickr tool jUploader was updated to version 1.0 a couple of weeks ago. I only just noticed.

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Getting around London

My colleague, WebSphere maestro Richard Brown is currently running an occasional series on his blog, sharing his secrets for optimising journeys around our capital.

There's no substitute for such first-hand local knowledge, of course, but if you are interested in planning your journey at a slightly higher level, the latest Google Maps mashup I've found provides a tube journey planner. Similar to the one offered by Transport for London, but faster. Plus it shows where the lines actually run, which is quite neat.

Incidentally, I notice that the iconic London tube map has made it into the final three for the Design Museum's Great British Design Quest, as supported by the BBC Culture Show. Of the remaining entries, I think it is going to get my vote – partly because it is so enduring.

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