Optimising my route around London

This is one for my colleague Richard Brown… who has stated his intention to start a new blog on efficient commuting. Optimise my daily route from London Waterloo to Old Street (or from Farnborough Main mainline station, if you prefer). The Waterloo and City line is due to close from April to September… which is no big deal, since I intensely dislike the daily scrum at Waterloo to get onto the Waterloo and City line anyway. So far I’ve tried W&C to Bank, followed by Northern to Old Street… currently my preferred choice is Northern Line Charing X Branch to Euston, and down to Old Steet.

Current travel time is approx 45 mins from Farnborough to Waterloo, and half an hour from Waterloo to Old Street on the Northern – I leave Farnborough at 0745 for a 0900 start. I’d prefer to make no more than two changes (currently from mainline to tube, and then one change on the tube), but I’ll allow up to one more change.


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