Daily Archives: March 16, 2006

Fame, and bananas

As I just posted over on the Hursley blog, Raising the Eight Bar… the local newspaper has picked up the Blue Fusion event, and as a result you can see a picture of yours truly holding an inflatable banana. Such is the price of fame.

News bytes

Not a lot of time this morning, so here are a few random and largely unrelated things from around the blogosphere.

IBM's Edd Brill's blog is rated as one of the best blogs for hidden corporate and product gems. He has also posted new screenshots of Sametime 7.5. I'm also alpha testing the product, and I'll try to blog more on this soon.

Fix Pack 2 for WebSphere Message Broker File Extender is out.

Comedy genius Dave Gorman has discovered Flickr.

Amazon's new S3 storage service has got bloggers thinking.

My friend and colleague Chris Nott has co-authored a developerWorks piece on choosing an ESB to fit your business model.

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