WMB updates of note

I've already commented on the fact that fixpack 2 for Message Broker File Extender is available… just in case you missed it, I'm mentioning it again 🙂

Two interesting SupportPacs have recently been updated:

  • IA0X FTP Server Input Node: I've played with this previously, but not used it in a real situation. As soon as I get some time to have a look at this, I'm going to try out the new version (which now works with v6). Once I've done so, I'll share any interesting discoveries here.
  • IA98 TCP/IP Nodes: now these, I have used for real… they are mentioned in passing in an older blog entry. Although there is some effort involved in understanding the way that TCP/IP itself works, once you have got your head round the basics, I've found that these nodes work well. Great to see that John Reeve has updated them for version 6.

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