The seive-like qualities of Firefox 1.5

I’m sitting here on a train. No network connection.

I pop open the Windows Task Manager and sort by memory usage.

firefox.exe sits at the top of the list, using 433,312K of memory with a VM size of 445,100K. In the time it took me to type that, Mem Usage grew to 433,372K. CPU is at anywhere up to 10%.

To be fair, I have 33 tabs open (including James Governor’s interesting thoughts on Open Source messaging, which I’ve not got around to responding to).

I’ve been round this loop before, and people have told me, no, Firefox is fine, must be your extensions. Fair point, I have 34 of them. So a few weeks ago, I disabled about half of them. Hasn’t helped. Guess I’ll just have to disable the other half, and try again.

Mem Usage now 439,088K and rising. Leaky, leaky, leaky.

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1 thought on “The seive-like qualities of Firefox 1.5”

  1. Although I don’t have as many extensions, and usually only have 6 or 7 tabs open at a time, I have noticed FF being a memory hog.

    My new computer has 1 GB of RAM, so it isn’t as big a deal as it was with 512 MB, but still, they need to fix the leaks.

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