The Eye of the Sea

Morskie Oko Mountain rise

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Last summer, my parents-in-law took us up to Zakopane, in the mountains in south east Poland. This is one of the most spectacular regions in the country. The weather was relatively poor, and instead of crystal blue skies and clear views, it was mostly cloudy. I didn’t let that stop me from capturing some shots, though. We visited Rysy, the highest peak in Poland. The lake Morskie Oko (translated “Eye of the Sea”) is the largest lake in the Polish Tatras. 860 metres long, 566 metres wide, 50 metres deep, and stocked with river trout. The views were stunning.

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  1. There are indeed some stunning shots to be had up there. I went easter 2 years ago and there was still some snow on the higher peaks.
    The mountains are a wonderful walk, but do get very busy as the weather gets better. We didn’t do the highest peak last time, but I have done it before and it (Rizi I believe) has some amazing views. The photos are avaliable here But I will be clearing out my gallery sometime soon so they will probably move…

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