MSN Search wins

To my bemusement, MSN Search is the first site of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN in my list) to have picked up my new site. Typing “andy piper” currently returns this site as the 7th hit. Yahoo and Google don’t catch it at all.

Using “andy piper ibm” or “andy piper broker” returns this site in 3rd place on MSN. Interestingly, they’ve also picked up the redirect I’ve placed over on my domain, while Google continues to show outdated information. I’m impressed by Microsoft – and amazed.

Unfortunately my evil twin is the top hit on MSN, but we’ll let that pass…

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3 thoughts on “MSN Search wins”

  1. If only it was just an evil twin I had to compete with! I’ve pretty much given up hope of getting any useful results back for my name on any search engine. Still, that may not be such a bad thing… and one day it might be fun selling tickets for a concert…

  2. You’re the last James Taylor on the first page of Google results for “James Taylor IBM”, and the first one for “James Taylor Message Broker”. Both of which are good results.

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