Blogger Atom feeds are broken…

The list of plus points for moving to WordPress keeps ticking up. I just learned that the Atom feeds provided by Blogger for blogspot accounts are invalid.

I checked this site's feed and found that it also generates a couple of warnings, so WordPress isn't completely in the clear… but the feed is at least valid.

I'll have to update my pros and cons table at some stage.

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4 responses to “Blogger Atom feeds are broken…

  1. Andy, are you using a free version of WordPress (if there is one), or have you upgraded to a paid service? I’ve wondered about the pros and cons of that, as well.


  2. Kelly – I’m using the free, but hosted version – i.e. it’s not running on my own server and my ability to customise it is limited. See my posts on why, and how, I moved from Blogger.


  3. I wondered why google desktop didn’t like the blogger feeds… It seemed to load other feeds, but none from my friends on blogger. This explains it!


  4. Great isn’t it – Google Desktop, Google owns Blogger… slightly chaotic, methinks.


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