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There’s a discussion in the comments over at Gendal World about mixing topics in a blog.

I post on quite a variety of subjects, not all of which are likely to be interesting to every one of my readers. I think my posts fall into three broad groups: work / IBM / WebSphere, photography, and life / general / news. There’s actually more granularity than that, as can be seen in the list of tags in the right-hand sidebar.

One of the nice things about my move to WordPress is that it is possible to get an RSS feed for an individual category of my posts. So, if you were interested in my posts tagged IBM, you could subscribe to this feed. My photography posts are available as another RSS feed. Just choose the category from the list of tags, and then add /feed/ to the end of the URL.

It’s entirely up to you whether you want to be more selective in your reading – just thought I’d draw your attention to this feature.

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