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I logged on to my WordPress dashboard today and noticed a new post in the WordPress.com News blog. Within seconds, I’d added the new statistics widget to my page, by just dragging and dropping it to my sidebar using the Presentation section of the dashboard. The hit count is looking fairly small at the moment, but I haven’t had to register with a third party site and then hack my template code to get this in place, like I had to do with Blogger.

The other news is that you can now have multiple blogs for a single account on WordPress.com, like you can with Blogger. So if I do feel like separating my technology-related musings from the other ones, I could do.

Nearly two weeks on from my move, and there is still no sign of this blog appearing on Google. Technorati has picked me up, at least.

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  1. Write and they will come. It took me several weeks, with an initial sitemap posting before they came around my neck of the woods, now they send spiders from DC’s all over the world, pretty wild really. Of course submitting to a ping site doesn’t hurt either, they are religious, mostly cause they’re machines lol. G/L.

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