Without broadband

Sometime after 1330 today, my ADSL connection went down. I spent about half an hour trying various diagnostics on my router (a Netgear DG834G), before calling Pipex and asking what was going on. I was told that the call queue was 10 minutes long, and it took 20. Finally spoke to someone, who told me that he wasn’t aware of any issues, but on testing my line reckoned there must be an issue at the BT exchange. He took my contact numbers, and said they’d call me back with news. He also gave me a dial-up number for free access… which isn’t much use, since I don’t have a modem attached to my main server any more and the phone socket is in an inconvenient location for use from the living room. Remind me how I managed without broadband and/or wireless.

No news and no change by 1745, so I thought I’d call again. Got through to the technical support queue at 1750 to be told that the call queue should be less than three minutes. Waited, waited… at at 1800, the line went dead. They are only available until 1800 on Saturdays, and not at all on Sundays.

I’ve been a loyal, and pretty satisfied, Pipex customer for around 5 years now… but they just annoyed me, big time. Marvellous. So I’m currently writing this over a 3G connection (better than dial-up, at least). I guess the rest of my blog updates will have to wait until the broadband connection comes back. I might get them uploaded if I write them off-line and then post them all in a batch, we’ll see.

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