Awaiting my TomTom 910

Well, we ordered the TomTom 910 on Friday, from Expansys… their website is indicating that it should be available within 7 days, so hopefully by the time I get back from my trip to Las Vegas (the week after next) I’ll be all satnav’ed up. Don’t know whether there will be a waiting list, though. Fingers crossed.

I was thinking about this last night, and realised that I’ll now have something to store and play the Radio 4 podcasts on – so even if I’m not driving in the evening, I’ll be able to listen to The Now Show, or In Our Time. Plus, of course, if I carry it everywhere with me, the satnav aspect should enable me to help taxi drivers who don’t know their way to my client sites – for example the guy in Birmingham who wanted me to tell him how to get from my hotel to the office the other day…

3 thoughts on “Awaiting my TomTom 910”

  1. i got my tomtom910 three weeks a go, one min it would link up to my pc, next playiny up.. had to reset it four times.. but the best for last.. the pins on my tomtom910 have broken off after three weeks. a joke for a sat nat at £380,

  2. Sounds like heavy handling? Not had any issues with the pins on mine.

    I find it remarkable that this blog has become such a lightning rod for comments about the 910 – I think mine is great! Used it in Poland for the first time this week, and “it just worked”.

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