Daily Archives: April 25, 2006

Blog migration progress

Regular readers will remember that one of my bugbears with the migration from Blogger to WordPress was the lag in Google reindexing my new site (refs 1, 2, and 3). I freely admit that my blog has a low hit rate, so Google and other search engines have been key to attracting interest so far.

I’m glad to say that normal service appears to have resumed. My statistics widget is showing more than 1,000 hits, which is still low, but given the relative youth of this blog, I’m confident that I can catch Gendal eventually. May it take me 1,000 years…

The blog stats and feed stats pages are showing a fair number of daily hits, and once again I’m able to see which posts are most popular on a day-to-day basis, as well as learning which search terms are providing me with the most hits. For those that don’t have a WordPress.com blog already, here’s a preview of the sort of data that I’m now able to see (with some cutting and pasting to compose a single screenshot – normally this would take up a bit more room, obviously)


I prefer this interface far more than the one provided by the SiteMinder stuff I’d hacked into Blogger. For starters, I can see the search terms in plain text. The graphs and things are nice, too.

Online caffeination

Found via Ross Burton’s blogHas Bean Coffee. I’m going to try them the next time we run out.

McNealy out from Sun CEO role

It was rumoured for the umpteenth time last week (via Slashdot), but now he's actually going. Only as CEO though, he remains chairman.

Richard has an interesting viewpoint.

(hmm, just realised the original post title was really misleading, so i changed it…)