Building experiments in Second Life

Not wanting to be left behind in my Second Life skills, I began to investigate how to build and manipulate objects and scripts. Read on, and it will become apparent that I am but an amateur …

my screen

I decided that my first task would be to build a screen, with a goal of trying to display an image from my Flickr account. I found an interesting article on O’ReillyNet about how to run a PowerPoint presentation inside SL. Rather than following the suggested method of uploading images / slides as images, I decided to try the alternative method from the comments on that article – pointing my screen at a media stream which was, in fact, my image, since apparently the QuickTime player in SL should support JPEGs.

I joined a group so that I could have a bit of land to build my screen. As you’ll see from the screenshot, the screen itself is fairly simple, a thin 4:3 ratio object made from glass. The idea was that when you touched it, the image would appear. According to the API reference for llParcelMediaCommandList():

You are allowed one movie (or “media” resource) per land parcel […] Script functions only work for objects owned by the land owner or deeded to the group that owns the land. (Remember to set asset permissions on your script and object as well as sharing it with the group!)

Initially, I didn’t see an image. So I then tried deeding my object to the group. Unfortunately, at that point I failed to be able to modify the object any more, so I guess I messed up the permissions somehow. In the end, I had to delete my screen, and will have to wait for another opportunity to play with this function.

In other Second Life news, as of yesterday the population had grown to 200,000 residents.

4 thoughts on “Building experiments in Second Life”

  1. Did you ever figure out how to do this? I tried the exact same thing and hit the exact same problems. I’ve not yet figured out how to do this. Any pointers or tips would be really appreciated.

  2. No, but basically because a) I don’t own land and b) I haven’t spent much time on the problem. You might be able to find someone in-world who can help at one of the building classes. I can’t get my head around the llParcelMedia stuff 🙁

  3. iv just signed up for second life. =)
    i dont have a clue about sl programming.
    but would it be possible to put a GIF. on the screen as the texture???
    then you could make a complex Gif. that could be a low grade movie. =D

  4. You can upload JPGs, not sure about GIFs (even less the animated ones). Anyway, we have a solution created by one of the eightbar guys, which one of my colleagues will be trying out today (I think it still depends on uploading the slides as JPGs, but still, it seems to work).

    Hope you enjoy SL!

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