Surreal Vegas

As previously mentioned, I’m in Las Vegas this week. Last night was the opening reception – a good opportunity to catch up with colleagues from around the world. I’m not sure how well I’m coping with the jet lag, but today will be a handy test.

Richard commented on the flight, which was tedious, but also the first time I’ve flown direct – it will definitely be my first choice in future. Not having a stopover in Chicago, Los Angeles or Newark really felt good. In fact, although the queue was long, the whole immigration process was painless.

Vegas never ceases to astound me. We’re at the Rio hotel, which is off the main strip. Walking to the conference centre for registration, we noticed a pool area, so we walked outside. Not only are there several pools, there is a patch of sand (a “beach”, I guess). So you can sunbathe on a mini-beach with views of Caesar’s Palace and other hotels on the strip in the distance. I’ve yet to explore much beyond the hotel, and it will very much depend on what time I have available to do so… but so far, so surreal.

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