TomTom 910, still waiting

I’ve noticed an upsurge in visits to my blog from searches on the topic of the TomTom 910, undoubtedly because they are now on the market.

We’re still waiting. Ola ordered mine a few weeks ago from Expansys. According to the nice lady on the phone on Monday, they are due to have them in stock today. Fingers crossed that mine will be one of the ones shipped.

If you are interested in learning more, I’ve been hovering around the yourNav forums to find out what I can before I get my hands on the actual unit. I’ll post more when I’ve got it and started using it…

Update 5th June 2006… I’ve been noticing a lot of traffic to this post. I do actually have my 910 now. Go find out what I think about it in these other posts:

Update 13th December 2006: This is easily my most popular post, but I’ve written a lot about my TomTom, so I would encourage you to read more of my posts. I’ve now got a whole category where my TomTom posts are collected.

20 thoughts on “TomTom 910, still waiting”

  1. If you have a tomtom go, checkout this site: You can download free tomtom voices, tomom splash screens, map color schemes and lots of tomtom info.

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  2. This is a bit of advertising, but in this case I’ll not mark it as spam as it appears to be a legit site – albeit without much content yet.

  3. TOM TOM is a NO NO

    I’ve owned this product a mere two weeks and after just 2 uses it fell apart. The screen froze and couldn’t be turned off, causing it to overheat which than caused the screen to crack when touched. To make matters worse the company refused to replace or fix a clearly defective model and wanted to charge an ADDITIONAL $500 to fix. So if you’ve got the money to throw away and want to invest in a product that even its own producers won’t stand by, by all means purchase it.

  4. Wow. I’m astonished by this comment.

    If it was that defective then surely I would have expected TomTom to offer a refund or replacement.

    Did you comment in any of the forums?

    I’m sorry you’ve had that problem. I’ve had issues with my car mount (bad connection), but nothing as severe as that. On balance I’m still extremely happy with mine.

  5. I’ve had two of these in the last two weeks,and both have froze up and quit working.
    Until tomtom decides to correct this situation , I would not recomend this unit.
    Before they quit working they were great.

  6. Again, if these are genuine issues, I’d expect TomTom to be providing replacements and fixes. Although if it has happened to 2 units in a row you must be pretty unlucky. There are forums full of people who are happy with the 910 over on yourNav. There were some initial teething troubles but in my experience the newest firmware is pretty solid.

  7. I’ve owned the 910 for two months now and the car mount will not support the weight of the 910 any longer. This is after I returned the first 910 because the car mount had a bad connection. The 910 itself has worked perfectly, just problems witht the car mount.

  8. That’s also interesting – I haven’t returned my car mount yet as I’ve been travelling too much, but I think I’m going to have to do it. Haven’t seen problems with the stability / support though.

  9. I just got the 910 (use to have 300) and I am very dissapointed with the car mount, it will not hold the weight of the TomTom for more than 10 seconds. It slowly drops down as I drive.
    How do I get a new car mount? email back at peglegc _at_ gmail dot com

    Once this is fixed it does look like a cool toy, I love the new Aubile books storage.

  10. Raise the issue with TomTom support and they will let you know how to get hold of the new mount. Are you sure you are locking it by twisting the mount all the way to the padlock symbol? That should prevent it from sagging when the car is moving.

  11. Hey andy,
    how is your tomtom 910? Am considering making some some splash screens for the new series of the tomtom but I dont know the screens sizes, can you help me out, also is the screen size the same for: 510, 710 and 910?

    By the way, my site has alot more content now although i only work on it at the weekend, you can now download the darth vader and Yoda tomtom voices

    Also, tell me what you make of my instructions, are they easy to understand?


  12. Hey Mark – it is still doing well, thanks.
    I’m not sure what the pixel dimensions are for the screen. My understanding is that the x10 models have a common screen, though. Next time I have the device attached to the computer, I’ll check the existing one for you.
    Your instructions look fine to me.

  13. i have just received my 910, at first i was amazed then after i connected it to my pc and made a backup and paid for traffic live the 910 starts then after the 910 picture comes on it then just turns off.
    i have tried resetting but with no joy, i have to wait till monday to contact customer support, how frustrating!!!!

  14. the unit is only hours old yet it will not boot up ,the 910 turns itself off after loading up to the 910 screen shot.aaaaaaggggg

  15. Hmm, feel like unofficial TomTom support…
    Try leaving it alone for several hours. I had a situation where I couldn’t switch mine off, it froze – I waited for it to run down and eventually was able to switch it on again. Maybe try leaving it charging on the dock overnight and then looking again tomorrow. Must be really frustrating, so I sympathise!

  16. l had a problem with the 910 locking up but found if you look inside the docking connection on the 910 you will see a small hole, you can push a paper clip or any suitable piece of wire into this hole and the 910 will reset. problem solved

  17. DO NOT OWN A TOMTOMv I have now owned 2 of the Tomtom 910s Both broke down within a month. The courier company that collects the defective unit to go back to Tom-tom tells me that they are kept busy by defective 910’s. Tom-tom promises a 5 business day turnaround or a new one. I have not received my replacement unit in 6 weeks albeit many broken promises. I will not use Tom-tom again

  18. OK folks, I’m going to close comments on this post. I don’t want this to become a rant against TomTom. If you have issues, please take them up with the manufacturer.

    I’m really sorry that others have had issues with their units, but I’ve had no significant problems in 7 months, and I reiterate that I am completely happy and pleased with my satnav and would recommend it to others.

    You can read my other posts about my 910 under my TomTom tag.

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